Community Events

The Advancing Health in America campaign is taking part in a series of community events to share with patients, caregivers and community members how hospitals are transforming care in proactive, collaborative ways. These conversations with local key audiences will take place across the country and will highlight examples of how hospitals are truly redefining their roles in your community.

We hope you can join one of the community events to see the great work the women and men of America’s hospitals and health systems do every day – people taking care of people.

Upcoming Events

Thursday, October 27: Transforming Healthcare in Howard County: Opportunities for your Community, Hospital, Providers, Public Health, and You

  • Join us to:
    • Learn about growing hospital and community partnerships to improve health for you and your family
    • Find out about new Howard County health programs in our community
    • Participate in community health efforts
  • To register and attend, please click here.